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In an era of technological advancement, the opportunities to conduct research in online settings have expanded dramatically Over the past decade, the use of online and mobile research methods, such as #Surveys, #Interviews as well as online #Focus Groups, has grown dramatically. Indeed, thanks to #technological advances, it is now possible to conduct research more #quickly...


ThinkONE’s exclusive partnership with YouGov allows us to offer Panels anywhere in the world! Avec plus de 11 millions de membres enregistrés, YouGov est un outil puissant qui vous permet d’en savoir beaucoup plus sur votre marché !


At #ThinkONE, test your TV campaigns 🖥 Online📱and Outdoor🪧 through #Facialcoding which allows you to optimize ✂️the content, duration and sequencing of ads for better #ROI 📈 through deciphering the #7universalemotions 😆😡🥺😨😮😐🤢 coupled with the #PNL


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