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About ThinkONE

We are a research and consulting firm specializing in market research, data and understanding customer needs.
We conduct studies using advanced methodologies based on behavioral science and neuroscience.

With a rich of experience in both market research and consulting in investment and development strategies, we offer more relevant angles of analysis for your business in order to co-construct actionable recommendations to fuel your growth strategies.

ThinkONE helps you understand your market and your customers, generate high-impact insights, collect and analyze the data essential to your development, and implement targeted action plans.

Using innovative tools and research techniques, we use advanced approaches based on digital, behavioral sciences and emotional analysis, for more reliable, accessible and faster results than traditional techniques.


Key figures

Projects successfully completed
Clients served
Sectors covered
Countries on four continents

Our Edge


Multi-sector expertise through years of experience in client-side research and strategy consulting.


Tailor-made support and personalized approaches to respond to each client’s needs.


An innovative mindset driven using advanced techniques and innovative tools based on digital and behavioral sciences.

Full Service

A complete offer and an end-to-end support thanks to a network of partners who are leaders in their respective fields.

Our services

We collect and analyze the data required for your development via modern and innovative approaches.
We generate high impact & easy actionable insights for your business.
We implement targeted action plans based on in-depth studies and research in the field.
We develop an in-depth knowledge of your market and your customers.

Our model

+90% of our daily decisions are spontaneous, automatic and unconscious

Thus, for our studies, we use a holistic and 360° approach, which considers all the elements that influence decision making to increase the relevance & actionability of data and insights:


Isolating group dynamics
and social influence

Notre modèle


Take into account
the mental & physical state


Put in context and observe
the environment


Understand the consumption


Collect data
on emotions

Our coverage

International coverage:

    • Thanks to our tools & partners, we have access to over 90 million consumers in more than 115 countries.

Selection of countries where we have executed projects


Zoom on Morocco:

    • Presence in all 12 regions of Morocco
    • Coverage of urban, semi-urban and rural areas
    • Experienced and trained teams
    • Automated systems guaranteeing strict quality control and continuous monitoring

Profile coverage:

    • B2C : Consumers, Users, Shoppers, etc.
    • B2B : Customers, Partners, Intermediaries, Executives, etc.
    • Employees
    • All ages and all socio-professional categories

Meet our
leadership team

Managing Partner & Head of Research

Mariem Lahlou

  • +15 years of experience in insights studies and research, specializing in innovative research techniques, based on behavioral sciences
  • Previously specialized in consumer research at Procter & Gamble (10 years) in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions
Managing Partner & Head of Development

Nizar Bennani

  • Has accompanied for more than 15 years many companies in Morocco and internationally in their development
  • Previously an investment banker and strategy consultant at BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

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A research and consulting firm specializing in Market intelligence, Knowledge, Data and Customer insight.

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