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We help you understand your customers, your market, generate insights, test ideas, and co-construct actionable recommendations to feed your strategies:

Market Intelligence
- Market Analysis: Stakeholders, business and regulatory environment, best practices, evolution, etc.
- Trends & Benchmarking : Trends, demand drivers, competition, substitution, etc.
- Digital Review & Social Listening : Social analytics, Top Reputation, Digital Benchmarking
Brand Strategy
Trackers or Adhoc studies for a better understanding of the image and health of brands vs. competitors:
- Popularity: Image and awareness, Brand funnel, differentiating assets, positioning
- Value and price perception: Value mapping, Emotional score, Implicit drivers, Pricing
- Usage & Attitudes, Ad Recall & Attribution
- Clustering and customer segmentation
Business Research
- Internal Diagnosis
- Belief Audits
- Internal data analysis
- Segmentation
- Business Planning
NPS & Satisfaction
Trackable KPIs over time to measure the impact of your initiatives on the customer journey:
- Evaluation and analysis of the Net Promoter Score
- Measurement and cross-referencing of satisfaction scores for B2C, B2B, Employees, Intermediaries, etc.
- Measurement of the Customer Effort Score
- Purchase Intent Score analysis
Client Centricity
- Support in the implementation of a customer-centric corporate culture
- Presentation of customer research results and analysis of the most relevant insights based on cognitive biases
- Brainstorming around the proposals to implement concrete actions / development axes
- Sharing and reflection workshops of 3 hours to 1 day with all stakeholders and departments concerned
Trade & Shopper
- Study of Shoppers' behaviors, habits & practices
- Understanding the Shopper logic in a category and the Decision Tree
- Shelf and planogram testing using Virtual Shopping tools
Growth Strategy
- Strategic planning and roadmap
- Development of new products / services
- Strategic due diligence
- Go-to-market Strategy
- Development and investment consulting
Marketing & Communication Strategy
- Definition and prioritization of customer segments
- Benchmarking and competitive intelligence
- Formulation of the value proposition
- Definition of the brand platform
- Definition of objectives and communication strategy / media plan
Data Analytics
- Clustering and customer segmentation
- Statistical analysis
- Forecasting and optimization
- Data visualization
UX / CX Research
Qualitative and Quantitative studies for the collection and analysis of all types of relevant data for the optimization of the customer experience (physical and digital):
- Ideation
- UX / CX Mapping
- Prototype / Concept testing
- Usability testing
- Scorecarding
- User Data Analysis
Ad & Concept Testing
- Pre-testing of communication concepts: Visual identity, slogans, Manifestos, etc.
- Pre- and post-testing of the impact of your communication campaigns on your targets
- Pre-testing of product or service ideas, packaging, etc.
A complete and multi-dimensional radiography of your organization:
- Organizational scan of the company and focus on priority transformation levers
- Recommendations to address strengths and development opportunities
- Active listening to employees, especially in crisis situations

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